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Vintage dress outfits

A vintage store

Here’s a cute picture of a vintage store I found

Around Town

Do you know what I’ve noticed? Old, is new.

Living in Down town Austin has its fashion advantages. If you don’t know much about Austin, well… As my parents like to say, ” we’re a bubble in the heart of Texas”. when you think Texas you can probably emagin a whole bunch of cowboys in 10 gallon hats, shiney spurs on nice cowboy boots and people riding horses and living in a ghost town. To that I say, soo not true! If you were to devide Texas up, only 1/12 of us are like that. Any hoo… Austin is so diverce, we are the live music Capitol of the world, Capitol of Texas and hold a really large bat population. You probably don’t care about that.

So back to my story, I was walking around downtown and saw so much vintage, like the amount of fat people at wal-mart ( you will come to hate that place as much as I)! My mom also has some girlfriends who love vintage, wear it well and say, ” do you remover this shirt I’m wearing? I’m glad I kept it from my moms stuff!” Ya that’s rite, it’s there moms shirt that they kept! That is a fabolus idea because vintage is very expensive!

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